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Today's challenge: only pictures. Kind of appropriate since I just started a tumblr (zubenpics) with the goal of posting one pic per day. Follow me if you want, and tell me who to follow in return!

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Hey, people out there who have sold a house and/or know something about how realtors work:

If a realtor is selling a house and the occupants have already moved out, and she decides that it would be better if there was some furniture in the house so potential buyers can envision the space better, and she hires someone to move in some spare furniture that she keeps for this type of thing, is it reasonable for her to charge the people who own and are selling the house for the cost of the furniture moving? Or is it a cost that she should absorb since she's getting a percentage of what the house sells for in the end and she's supposed to be earning that money by making the house more sell-able?
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Where I am, it's 3/14, and it's 1:59 P.M. Happy Pi Day, everyone!
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When I was a kid, my mom and I would go for a walk around the neighborhood at this time of year and try to find five signs of spring. On my walk in to campus this morning, I did the same thing:

1) Snowdrops blooming a bright white against the wet, dead leaves and grass
2) The bright green-and-gold of daffodil shoots poking above the surface
3) The vivid green, thinner shoots of what I think will be hyacinths
4) The renewal notice in my e-mail inbox for Major League Baseball Gameday Audio
5) Um. The fact that we only had snow flurries instead of heavy snowfall today?

The icon above is some of the fabric from the new quilt I started today...
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So last year I asked y'all to search for "ground..." and see what came up on your Google autofill feature. The results were pretty interesting, and when I showed them to my class, they thought they were pretty interesting, too, and it made a nice little lesson in how place matters in the digital era. :)

Academics being academics, someone has decided to do a more rigorous study of this phenomenon. So if any of you need to kill some time, they're looking to produce an Autocomplete map of the world based on how Google autofills the names of the countries of the world. AKA "crowdsourcing the geography of autocomplete". Take a look!
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Look at this without going, "Awww!"  I dare you.

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In case you're wondering what I was asking you to do earlier in the week with the "ground" thing...

So you might have heard about this little disagreement going on in New York about a proposed community center/mosque on the site of a former Burlington Coat Factory.  Setting aside the politics of the whole thing, I saw this blurb about how typing "ground" into Google resulted in an automatic completion of "ground zero mosque" before any other phrase, including just plain "ground zero".  Then someone pointed out that it seems to depend on where you are, and I thought, aha!  I know people from all over the world who could do this little experiment for me so that when I talk in class later this semester about how Google is not the neutral, taken-for-granted search engine that we all assume it is, this would be a great illustration that the results you get depend in part on where you are:

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Dear f'list,

Do me a favor?  If you're willing to let it be known where you're typing from, do the following and post your answer in the comments (or PM me the answer):

1) go to google.com
2) type in  the word "ground" and let it give you auto-fill options
3) what are the top five responses?  where are you googling from (country, state, city, whatever)?

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Chicago was the first city eliminated from the Olympic bidding?  Seriously?  Wow, that's embarrassing.

ETA: Hurray for Rio!  Congrats!


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