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Here's the fic index so far, all in reverse chronological order of when they were written (updated as of May 1, 2011, to include all SPN, Castle, and NUMB3RS).  All adult-rated fics, including J2 and Wincest, are at my comm, [livejournal.com profile] zuben_fic .


In Follis Veritas (PG) (1,793 words)
Summary: Set after 8.23. One of the artifacts in the Men of Letters' bunker causes Dean and Sam to switch bodies, and a number of truths suddenly become clear. Written for [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling.

Slavyanka (PG-13) (5,207 words)
Summary: On their first case after Dean's return from Purgatory, Sam and Dean respond to a request from someone Bobby helped out years ago. When they find themselves in California wine country, they also find that grapes aren't the only crop growing in the Russian River valley. Written for [livejournal.com profile] spn_summergen.

Making an Ending (PG) (1,800 words)
Summary: Written for the insmallpackages prompt of the Winchesters arriving in Storybrooke. Crossover with Once Upon a Time. The Winchesters come to Storybrooke, Maine, to check out reports of a ghost ship, but they're going to play a more important role in the story than they know.

Holding On (PG) (1,101 words)
Summary: Written for the comment!fic meme for National Hugging Day for the prompt: Sam can't sleep because it's like he can feel Lucifer there, wrapped around him. Dean finally decides that Halucifer can't spoon Sam if Dean is already there, doing the job.

Toxicodendron Radicans (PG-13) (2,791 words)
Summary: Sometimes it takes a while for injuries to show up after a hunt. Hurt!Dean, of a sort. Written for [livejournal.com profile] spn_summergen.

Fourteen Seconds (PG-13) (4,125 words)
Summary:Post-ep maybe-AU for 6.16, "...And Then There Were None". Sam and Dean discover a few days after leaving Sandusky that all of the traces of the "khan worm" aren't completely gone.

Old Faithful (PG-13) (1,183 words)
Summary:Missing scene from 6.12 "Like A Virgin". It's their first chance to have a real conversation since Sam said yes almost two years ago...

Refolding the Map (PG-13) (8,239 words)
Summary: It's an old-fashioned S1 case story: small-town Kansas, mysterious "wild animal attacks", and the legacy of the Orphan Trains. Written for spn_reversebang .

Everything We've Yet to Break (R) (26,916 words)
Summary:What if Sam and Dean knew one crucial piece of information about the future before Dean's deal came due? Would it have changed everything, or would the end result have been the same? AU version of Season Four, written for[livejournal.com profile] spn_30snapshots .

Sunrise (PG-13) (720 words)
Summary: Comment!fic from [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter 's Sam and Dean are reunited meme.  Prompt: Dean's protection tattoo is somehow damaged/erased/inactivated and he ends up being possessed. Sam shows up to exorcise the demon.

'Twill Never Be Light (PG-13) (5,015 words)
Summary:SPN/Numb3rs crossover: after "Folsom Prison Blues," expert FBI tracker Ian Edgerton catches up to Sam and Dean. Written for [livejournal.com profile] spn_summergen .

The Voice of Thy Brother's Blood (PG-13) (3,402 words)
Summary: AU for "Croatoan". What if Dean was the one in the clinic who got infected and tried to spread it to Sam? Written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love.

Been In Every Black Hole (PG-13, spoilers through end of Season Five) (2,648 words)
Summary: Immediate post-ep for 5.22, "Swan Song."

Housatonic Reel (PG-13, spoilers through 5.12) (1,052 words)
Summary:Dean arched an eyebrow at Sam, something tugging up the corners of his mouth. "You know what this means, don't you?" Tag scene to 5.12, "Swap Meat".

Nothing Man (R, spoilers through 5.03) (1,066 words)
Summary: AU coda to 5.03.  Dean goes to Oklahoma after hearing about Sam's encounter with the hunters.  What he finds there horrifies him.

Poured Out Like Water (PG-13, spoilers through 5.02) (1,276 words)
Missing scene from 5.01, "Sympathy for the Devil." After what Chuck told the brothers, there's something Sam needs to do before they can go on.

The Rising (PG-13, gen, post-4.22) (1000 words)
Summary: Ten post-"Lucifer Rising" drabbles in a variety of flavors. Because you can never have too many versions of "what happened next?" while you're waiting for the new season to start. Character death in one or two drabbles.

Moving Through the Dark (With You In My Heart) (PG-13, gen, early S2) (7,257 words)
Summary: "For you or Dad, the things I'm willing to do or kill, it scares me sometimes."  Even after rescuing Dean, a hunt gone bad still isn't over for Sam.  Written for the [livejournal.com profile] spn_summergen challenge.

Centripetal Force (PG, gen, preseries) (982 words)
Summary:  Sam felt like part of something here, in this little next-to-nothing Minnesota town.  All he wanted was a way to remember that.  Written for the Wednesday Challenge at [livejournal.com profile] spnwriterlounge to try a new genre.

Devils and Dust (PG-13, gen, set post-4.22) (3,109 words)
If this one wrong could be made something close to right, then he could believe there might be a way to save everyone else.
Spoilers:  Through 4.22, "Lucifer Rising."

Just the Bang and the Clatter (PG-13, gen, set in 4.20) (drabble)
Summary: It was one thing to lose a brother he never knew he had.
Spoilers: Through 4.20, "The Rapture."

Final Straw (PG-13, gen, set post-4.14) (32,041 words)
Summary: As hard as he tried, Dean couldn't erase the fact that it was his little brother he was preparing to shoot. Evil!Sam, captive!Dean, and the end of the world as we know it.
Spoilers: Through 4.14, "Sex and Violence".

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9

Devil's Arcade (PG-13, gen, set post-4.08) (61,223 words)
Summary: While still dealing with the aftermath of the wishing well, Sam and Dean are taken by a group of hunters who will stop at nothing to find out the truth about Sam's abilities and how Dean managed to come back from the dead.
Spoilers: Through 4.10, "Angels and Demons".
Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14

One More Reason (PG, gen)
Summary: As if Sam didn't already have enough reasons to feel guilty. Filler between "Monster Movie" and "Yellow Fever."

Mind the Gap (PG, gen)
Summary: Missing scene from "Metamorphosis": more of that much-needed conversation between the boys.

Sore Afraid (PG, gen)
Summary: One-shot tag for Lazarus Rising. "For lo, in the days ahead you will see that it would be better had you done as your father commanded."

Self-imposed ongoing challenge to set one fic in each of the fifty states (note that some are chapters of larger works):
01. Alabama 11. Hawaii 21. Massachusetts 31. New Mexico 41. South Dakota
02. Alaska 12. Idaho 22. Michigan 32. New York 42. Tennessee
03. Arizona 13. Illinois 23. Minnesota 33. North Carolina 43. Texas
04. Arkansas 14. Indiana 24. Mississippi 34. North Dakota 44. Utah
05. California 15. Iowa 25. Missouri 35. Ohio 45. Vermont
06. Colorado 16. Kansas 26. Montana 36. Oklahoma 46. Virginia
07. Connecticut 17. Kentucky 27. Nebraska 37. Oregon 47. Washington
08. Delaware 18. Louisiana 28. Nevada 38. Pennsylvania 48. West Virginia
09. Florida 19. Maine 29. New Hampshire 39. Rhode Island 49. Wisconsin
10. Georgia 20. Maryland 30. New Jersey 40. South Carolina 50. Wyoming


There's a Truth in Your Eyes (PG, spoilers through 2.13) (822 words)
Summary: Tag scene to "Sucker Punch." Beckett realizes there might another reason why Castle thought he should bow out.

Sour Patch Kids (PG, spoilers through 1.6) (822 words)
Summary: Missing scene from "Always Buy Retail"; a little more banter back at the station. Written in response to the "sweet" challenge at [livejournal.com profile] castle_fic


Original case stories:

Blood and Gold (PG-13, Don/Liz, Megan/Larry, Colby/OFC) (104,561 words)
ry: Don's team might be back together after Colby's return, but are they really all in the same place?  As a new case threatens them in more ways than one, they have to work on trusting each other again and showing the rest of the FBI that they still have what it takes to bring in the bad guys and keep themselves safe from a variety of threats, some from the outside and some from within.  An AU take on Season Four, featuring angst, action, and romance, roughly in that order.  Written for [livejournal.com profile] numb3rs_bigbang .

Reverberations (R, gen) (38,026 words)
Summary: When a killer that Don has been chasing for over a decade shows up in Los Angeles, the case gets a lot more complicated -- and a lot more personal. Set after Season Four.  Numb3rs Awards Round Four winner for Best Original Character; nominated for Best Drama and Novella

The Fugitive (R, gen) (144,907 words)
Summary: Inspired by the classic story, an innocent man wrongly convicted of murder must flee for his life and his freedom while seeking the truth. Numb3rs Awards Round Three winner for Best AU, Novella, and Drama.

Surfacing (R, gen) (38,332 words)
Summary: Alan's new clients might have connections to terrorist activity in an FBI case that strikes a little too close to home.  Nominated for Numb3rs Awards Round Two for Best Case-related and Drama.

Ports in a Storm (R, Don/Karen) (38,268 words)
Summary: A suspected smuggling operation leads to a case that even Charlie's math skills can't handle. Will he go too far trying to help solve it, especially once Don gets in over his head? Numb3rs Awards Round One winner for Best Case-Related; nominated for Best Novella.

Shifting Ground (R, gen) (20,713 words)
Summary: Charlie and Don end up on opposite sides of the case when a CalSci student is accused of eco-terrorism in conjunction with a Southern California landslide.  Nominated for Numb3rs Awards Round One for Best Action/Adventure/Case-Related and Drama.

One-shots and episode-based fics:

First Time For Everything (PG, gen)
Summary: "What do you mean, you've never ridden a horse before?"  First published in the Brotherhood 7 zine.

In a Yellow Wood (PG, gen)
Summary: Missing scene from late Season Four. Megan tells Don about her future plans. Spoilers for "When Worlds Collide."  Nominated for Numb3rs Awards Round Four for Best Drama and Episode-Related.

Graphic Detail (PG, gen)
Summary: One-shot missing scene from 'Graphic'.  What would Charlie's reaction have been like upon finding out what almost happened here? And what was Don's reaction to the same events?

Time to Kill (R, gen)
Summary: AU for 'In Security'. What if there was another reason for Benny Natale to hang around L.A. after killing Leah Wexford — like getting revenge on the FBI agent who thwarted him five years ago in Albuquerque?

Leaving Los Angeles (PG, gen)
Summary:  Thirteen year old Charlie Eppes is heading off to college.

B is for Betrayal (PG, gen)
Summary: The 263rd post Janus List fic out there: a partner's thoughts on betrayal. Stand alone story.  Nominated for Numb3rs Awards Round Three for Best Angst/Dark.

W is for Wretched (PG, gen)
Summary: Missing scene towards the end of The Janus List from Don's POV. A companion piece to A is for Agony, although it's not necessary to have read that one first.  Nominated for Numb3rs Awards Round Three for Best Angst/Dark and Episode-Related.

A is for Agony (PG, gen)
Summary: Missing scene from The Janus List. Charlie tells Don the contents of the list.  Nominated for Numb3rs Awards Round Three for Best Angst/Dark and Episode-Related.

Circle Dream (PG, gen)
Summary: An AU interpretation of a scene late in 'Hot Shot' after Don is attacked, from Charlie's POV. Don't tell me this thought didn't occur to you, too…

Patience (R, Don/Robin)
Summary: Postep for 'Guns and Roses.' What happened after Robin closed the door?

Someone to Watch Over Me (R, Don/Karen) (11,292 words)
Summary: An alternate ending for 'Man Hunt.' What motivates someone to offer his or her life in exchange for that of a stranger? Numb3rs Awards Round One winner for Best AU.

Movin' Out (R, Don/Terry)
Summary: Terry prepares to leave Los Angeles. DT nonfluff.

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