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Wow, it's been a long time. Short version: I had a very busy semester, I'm writing a book that's due at the end of the summer, and my state is at the front of the pack in the race to destroy public higher education in the U.S. I'm back at running (one more half marathon under my belt), and I just got back from a wonderful two weeks in Colorado. I'm really struggling with fic writer's block right now, but that's a story for another time. I've shown up for the first time in months to ask for your help with another quilt!

Last year I made this one based on the patterns people were able to get for me from across the country. The Row by Row experience is back, this time with over 3000 quilt shops across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Each store came up with their own 9"x36" pattern based on the theme of "Home Sweet Home." The patterns are free -- but you have to go to the store to get them. Most shops also have kits, but I'm just looking for patterns. Can you help me out? Before September 5th?

Alaska: Fairbanks, Soldotna
Alabama: Huntsville
Arizona: Mesa, Tucson
California: El Cajon, Fremont, Mission Viejo
Colorado: Colorado Springs
Florida: Merritt Island (pleeeeease), Venice
Hawaii: Honolulu, Kamuela
Idaho: Garden City
Indiana: Indianapolis
Maryland: Gaithersburg (DC)
Massachusetts: Franklin, Marlborough
Montana: West Yellowstone
New Mexico: Albuquerque, Roswell
Ohio: Columbus, Fairfield, Middleburgh Heights
Oregon: Portland
South Carolina: Charleston
Tennessee: Knoxville
Texas: Austin (IKR?), Dallas, Denton
Virginia: Alexandria
Washington: Lynden, Seattle (pleeeeeeease)

Alberta: Drumheller, Pincher Creek
BC: Vancouver (pleeeeeeease)
Ontario: St. Catherines

Netherlands: Schagen

If you live in any of these places, or will be traveling through, or know someone who does, I'd love to hear from you! As always, I totally understand if you can't get to a store or aren't willing. No worries. But if you can help, I'll send you a little something quilty as a thank you. :)
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