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Some people I know, including myself, came SO CLOSE to having our predictions for the finale come true. Alas, it was not meant to be. But I'm intrigued with what TPTB came up with instead. Some thoughts on the finale:

1) Death can't actually be dead, right? Like, to be vulnerable to his own weapon would be really stupid. (Yes, I know, lolcanon, etc.) Unless he never lets it out of his hands or something and therefore doesn't feel vulnerable to it. The thought of Dean cooking him food made me inexplicably happy, though. And I appreciate that he insisted on Sam being dead if he was going to help Dean, because not only was that scene with the brothers really damn powerful, but it was a bright light of character consistency in the midst of The Darkness of the Carver era.

2) Now, I loved the climax in the cantina, but although I know Jensen was trying to show Dean warring with the influence of the Mark, it came off as uneven to me. Earlier in the ep, the way he was spewing out rude comments reminded me of nothing so much as Soulless!Sam. Which maybe was meant to show that the Mark was stealing Dean's soul? But I couldn't see the internal struggle going on in the scenes with Death, just Dean flip-flopping from determination to violence to coldness to concern. Until Sam brought out the Puppy Eyes of Doom, and then it was over. Jared just killed that scene.

3) I'm not the only one who's hoping for fic about Dark!Winchesters getting out of the Impala, am I? Remember that [livejournal.com profile] spn_summergen signups are good till the end of the month!

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