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Well, the good news is, I correctly self-diagnosed why my foot's been hurting when I run. Thanks, Internet!

Posterior tibial tendinitis )
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Hi, LJ! This is the first of at least three posts that I've been meaning to make for a couple of months now. I traveled to Kentucky in February, and I have some interesting pics from that. Then I went to New York in March, where I got to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] bewaretheides15 and [livejournal.com profile] tebtosca, both of whom are as awesome in person as online (not that you had any doubts, right?). Next week, it's up to Chicago for my annual super-sized academic conference (6,700 papers are being presented in 5 days), and then the semester will be almost over, whee!

The rest of this post is an update on my running, so feel free to skip it if that's not of interest to you. )
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So remember this house that Mr. Z and I have been trying to sell? The one we put on the market last May and had zero interest in all summer and fall, the one where we decided not to renew our realtor's contract when it ended in December? We found a new realtor and spent a few thousand dollars getting the place fixed up (while being in NZ/AU), put it back on the market in February, and got an offer within a couple of days. Hooray! we thought.

But the house isn't willing to let go of us just yet.

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I mentioned a while back that I was taking Spanish this semester. It's gone well, and I'm planning on signing up for the intermediate level next semester. After about two months of wrestling with bureaucracy, that is.

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There really shouldn't be that many different kinds of precipitation falling at once.  At least it makes for a very colorful weather map.  Also, 16 mph winds and ice pellets? Equals ow.

ETA: Now it says "Ice Pellets Freezing Fog Blowing Snow".  Whee....
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Right now! After you read this! So that if your computer suddenly refuses to boot like mine did last night, you won't be wondering if you'll ever see the last few months of fanfic you've been writing but haven't yet published ever again...

Thankfully, my job-related work is all on my work computer and is regularly backed up, but since I feel funny about backing up my personal folder (read: fanfic) at school, and I haven't gotten around to backing it up at home for a few months, there's a fair amount of stuff locked up on that hard drive. :(


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