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So remember this house that Mr. Z and I have been trying to sell? The one we put on the market last May and had zero interest in all summer and fall, the one where we decided not to renew our realtor's contract when it ended in December? We found a new realtor and spent a few thousand dollars getting the place fixed up (while being in NZ/AU), put it back on the market in February, and got an offer within a couple of days. Hooray! we thought.

But the house isn't willing to let go of us just yet.

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Dear male colleague,

When you visit a female colleague's office for the first time, it's okay to comment on the nice view of the main quad from her window. It's not okay to comment on that view in the context of remembering when you were a student here in 1970 and you and several hundred other people streaked the quad while a couple of people parachuted naked out of a plane in which the pilot was naked, and there were naked people sitting on a naked horse, and various other interesting sights that had to do with people being naked.  It was...an interesting story, but also extremely skeevy to share it like that as the first thing you say to a colleague you've never met before, in her office with the door mostly closed.

No love,


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