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Happy weekend-after-Christmas! Hope Santa was good to you and that everyone liked the gifts you got them.

Seven foods that I dislike. Well, last week I disliked pretty much all foods, because I had a sudden, excruiciating toothache that drove me to the dentist, where they took one look at the x-ray and said, yep, that's a decaying nerve under that tooth, come back on Monday for a root canal. So the weekend before Christmas was spent eating the softest foods I could find, taking as many ibuprofen as I was allowed, and waiting in eager anticipation (seriously) for the root canal. Now that it's over and my jaw has stopped aching from being propped open for the procedure, life is much better. I'm so grateful that it happened after the semester was over (though I did have to grade one class's term papers with a raging toothache, but they almost all got As for their final grades anyway, so wev) and before Christmas so that I could enjoy the day with Mr. Z and the 'rents.

1) Sushi. Whether homemade or in a restaurant, not my thing.
2) Chinese food, with the exception of orange chicken and the five-spice green beans at our local Chinese restaurant. (I realize these first two items make me seem like the sheltered Midwesterner I was growing up, but I love Thai and Korean and Indian and pretty much every other Asian cuisine.)
3) Avocado. I never had it growing up, but now that I have had it fresh in California, it's safe to say I just don't like it.
4) Brussels sprouts. I have memories as a kid of sitting at the dinner table after everyone else had already left because I wasn't allowed to leave until I ate my brussels sprouts. Mom should have made them with bacon. Mmmm, bacon.
5) Olives. Mr. Z loves them, so we usually get them on pizza and I pick them off.
6) Vegemite. Figured I needed to try it while I was in Australia, and hell no.
7) This is hard because I really like food. Let's see, I don't like mayonnaise or mustard. Those are only sort of foods, but there's two of them, so I'm done!

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